Michael and Christine Foulger Charitable Trust

Archive - Grant Applications

This folder holds all of the grant applications received by the Trust

Grant Number

Grant Title

Grant Requested


GA-2019-04 St John The Baptist PCC Path and Water Supply 40,000.00 Pending
GA-2019-03 Parish Council Street Light 1,605.00 Granted
GA-2019-02 Parish Council Speed Indicator Devices 7,500.00 Granted
GA-2019-01 Village Hall Hedge Replacement 500.00 Granted
GA-2018-03 Village Hall Car Park Drainage Grant Application 1,528.23 Granted
GA-2018-02 Educational Foundation Sound System 2,000.00 Granted
GA-2018-01 Parish Council Grass Cutting Machinery 1,000.00 Granted
GA-2017-03 Educational Foundation School House Grant Application 29,940.00 Granted
GA-2017-02 Educational Foundation School House Loan 40,000.00 Repaid
GA-2017-01 St John The Baptist PCC Paving and driveway to Church 26,000.00 Superseded
GA-2016-03 St John The Baptist PCC Paving and driveway to Church 12,720.50 Superseded
GA-2016-02 Educational Foundation Grass Maintenance Facilities Grant Application 4,894.00 Granted
GA-2016-01 Chelveston cum Caldecott WI skittles 160.00 Granted
Total of applications granted 49,127.23